"Water has the intelligence to store information."

-Johann Grander



At XURA our objective is to INSPIRE a movement to pay attention to our water. To remind us that We are 70% water. We drink water, we cook with it, we bathe in it. We breathe it. We live through water. Water is sacred and so are we. 

Water is a living being which has memory. We are all connected through this INSPIRED WATER. 

Our families, our homes, our work & our world. INSPIRED WATER IS US. 

At XURA, our passion is to provide the solution for every single person, home, business & industry to revitalize our water.


We are the official distributors of GRANDER Water Technology for North Spain, Barcelona and Balearic Islands. 


'We are all connected to each other,

We are connected to water.

Water is connected to everything."

-Xabier Ugarte